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The identity of a luthier/bass and guitar builder living as a Japan-US hybrid.

Vol. 0

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This year, Mas Hino celebrates 40 years as a luthier. We hope you will learn how he, born into a musical family and surrounded by music since birth, chose the path of a luthier and how he has progressed in his craft up to the present day.


Therefore, we have translated a quote from a book published about Mas Hino into English and would like to share it with you.


"Discovering Our True Calling: Exploring Beyond Japan's Borders"
Michinori Mori

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This is an interview with Mas Hino, which was featured in a Japanese book. It will be posted gradually starting in June.


It was more than seven years ago that he gave this interview. Since then, he has continued to evolve, and his development has not stopped. Mas is now moving on to the next stage, looking at a different landscape than he did seven years ago.


We hope that by learning a little bit about Mas, you will become interested in the instruments he makes and understand why they sound the way they do.


MAS HINO NYC Management