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    All Hand Made Custom Guitar & Bass / Expert Repairs based in New York City.

  • About Master Luthier "Mas Hino"

    Master Luthier / Guitar & Bass Master Builder / Expert Repair

    Founder of Mas Hino NYC.

    Mas Hino NYC Founder/Master Luthier Mas Hino

    Mas Hino

    Master Luthier / Guitar & Bass Master Builder, Founder of Mas Hino NYC. Mas developed his reputation as a world-class guitar and bass technician while working at Rudy’s Music on 48th Street in New York. While there, Mas built Pensa-Suhr Guitars with John Suhr when he started his career as a luthier. From 2000-2008, Mas moved to Tokyo, japan. He worked as Master & Main Builder at Atelier Z which is Japanese Guitar & Bass brand and he built many guitars and basses for Japanese top musicians. In 2008 Mas moved back to his home town New York and started his own brand Mas Hino NYC.

    Mas is highly respected as an expert at designing, building, setup and repair of electric guitars and basses.


    Mas Hino's Clientele

    He has done work for many renowned artists.

    Clientele list:

    Pat Metheney, Eric Clapton, Mike Stern, Nile Rodgers, Al Anderson, Sean Lennon, Christian McBride, Richard Bona, Victor Bailey,

    Doug Wimbish, Wilber Bascomb, Mark Knopfler, TM Stevens, Onnie McIntyre, Ziggy Marley, Chinna Smith, Kazumi Watanabe, Julian Coryell, John McEnroe, Ruben Rodriguez, Steve Stevens, Tohnino Horta, Chuck Loeb, John Abercrombie, Eric Schenkman, Mark White, Jerry Barnes, Fernando Saunders, Jeff Andrews, Jim Weider, Mamadu Ba, Mitch Stein,

    Pedro Aznar, Reuben Rogers, Shrod Barnes, Vernon Reid.



    Mas Hino NYC Founder/Master Luthier Mas Hino

    マス 日野


    Mas Hino NYC創業者


    ● 1966年、東京生まれ。‘85年にマンハッタン48丁目の楽器街にある老舗楽器店Rudy’sでオーナーのルディからスカウトされ、ジョン・サーの下、直弟子としてルシアー/ギタービルダーの道に入る。ジョンがRudy’sを辞めた後、直ぐにメインビルダーを任せられ、93年から2000年まで楽器製作のヘッドとして、多くの一流ミュージシャンの楽器製作やリペアを手掛け、ワールドクラスの評判を確立。2000年から2008年の春、アトリエZにてマスター・ビルダーとして活動。国内外の多くの著名なミュージシャンのギター、ベースの製作を手掛ける。2008年春、NYに戻り、自らのギター/ベースブランドMas Hino NYCを立ち上げ、カスタムオーダー製作及びリペア行う。また、歴史ある弦ブランド「La Bella Strings」とのコラボレーションにて、ベース「Olinto」のプロデュース・製作を手掛ける。



    ● 手掛けたミュージシャンの名前は著名人を含め数知れず。
    パット・メセニー、エリック・クラプトン、マイク・スターン、ナイル・ロジャース、アル・アンダーソン、ショーン・レノン、クリスチャン・マクブライド、リチャード・ボナ、ヴィクター・ベイリー、ドウグ・ウィンビッシュ、ウィルバー・バスコーム、マーク・ノップラー、TM スティーブンス、オニー・マッキンタイヤー、ズィギー・マーレィ、チナ・スミス、渡辺かずみ、ジュリアン・コリエル、ジョン・マッケンロー、ルーベン・ロドリゲス、スティーブ・スティーブンズ、トーニノ・ホルタ、チャック・ロブ、ジョン・アバクロンビー、エリック・シュンクマン、マーク・ホワイト、ジェリー・バーンズ、フェルナンド・サウンダース、ジェフ・アンドリュー、ジム・ウェイダー、ママドゥ・バー、ミッチ・シュタイン、ペドロ・アズナー、ルーベン・ロジャーズ、シュラッド・バーンズ、ヴェモン・レイド、etc。


    ● 日本語でもご対応を致します!




  • Mas Hino NYC News

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  • Custom Order Bass

    *download: J Bass Order Sheet

    Mas Hino NYC J Bass 4 String

    J Bass -4 String

    Price: $3000.00~

    Mas Hino NYC J Bass 5 String

    J Bass -5 String

    Price: $3650.00~

    Mas Hino NYC PJ


    Price: $3500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Bass GCS


    Price: $3500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Flying V Bass

    Flying V Bass

    Price: $4500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Bass GCS



    Mas Hino NYC Bass Matador


    Price: $4000.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Tele Bass

    Tele Bass

    Price: $3500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Bass The Strad

    "The Strad"

    Price: $3500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC AR 4 String


    Price: $4500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC BT4 Especial


    Price: $4000.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Curve Top Bass

    Curve Top

    Price: $3500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC 8 Ball Bass

    8 Ball

    Price: $3000.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Bass GCS


    Price: $3500.00~

  • Custom Order Guitar

    Mas Hino NYC Guitar Chrysler Solid Creme de Rose

    Chrysler -solid

    Price: $4500.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Guitar Chrysler Semi Hollow Mr. Peanut

    Chrysler -semi hollow

    Price: $6000.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Guitar Chrysler Hollow

    Chrysler -hollow

    Price: $6000.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Guitar Tele


    Price: $3000.00~

    Mas Hino NYC Guitar Strat


    Price: $3000.00~

  • Original Pickups

    Mas Bajo Jazz Bass Pickup Sets & Price

    Mas Hino NYC Original Pickups

    ■MB-4 JB

    $275 per set

    60’s style pickups about 7.7k to 8k in the neck and bridge, and they are wounded same turns for both pickups.
    42 gauge magnet wire.


    ■MB-4 JB plus

    $275 per set

    60’s style pickups about 7.7k to 8k in neck and 8.5k to 10k in the bridge.
    *Hotter bridge pickup.
    42 gauge magnet wire



    $275 per set

    70’s style pickups about 7.7k in neck and bridge.
    42 gauge magnet wire



    ■MM-4 JB plus

    $275 per set

    70’s style pickup about 7.7k in neck and 8.5k to 10k in the bridge.
    *Hotter bridge pickup.
    42 gauge magnet wire


    ■GL-4 JB

    $375 per set

    Modern hot jazz bass pickups. about 12k in the neck and 15k to 17k in bridge
    43 gauge magnet wire
    This is the fat jazz bass pickups with a lot of mids, but clear tone, and great for passive jazz bass!



    Copper shielding on pickups and shielded cables.


    For Active Electronics.
    We highly recommend “Copper foil around the coil for shielding and shielded cables”!




  • Repair & Technical Services



    Includes neck adjustment, check nut height, action, electronics, intonation, fret edges.

    Fret Job (refret)


    Replacing frets

    Grind & Polish


    Level the existing frets and crown & polish the frets


    Pickups $50 per P.U.
    Tuners $65
    Bridge $85
    Nut $100+up
    Floyd Rose $375
    Strap Buttons $35


    Active wirings $100+up
    Passive wiring $50+up
    Rewind Pickups $100 per coil
    9V Battery cavity $75
    Route for pickup cavity $50 per route


    Broken Headstock $150+up
    Acoustic top crack $100 per crack
    Broken Truss Rod $800+up
    Re Glue Bridge on Acoustic $250+up


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    Mas Hino NYC Guitars, Basses and more

  • Media

    Made in NY

    Mas Hino was on the Japanese TV program “Made in New York”! Please check it out!!



    Mas Hino's Interview on the Japanese book

    Mas Hino’s interview is on the book! Just published!! Please check it out!!!


    Book information link

  • Quotes

    Quotes and Messages from Mas Hino's Musician friends and Clienteles!

    Mitch Stein - Guitarist

    The Strat guitar that Mas Hino made for me is amazing!! It was built perfectly to the specs I gave him and the craftsmanship and quality are outstanding!! It is incredibly even up and down the neck and you can hear the tone without even plugging it in!! The playability and tone are ridiculous!!! I won't let anybody work on my guitars except Mas!



    Jerry Barnes - Bassist

    Mas is a Luthier genius!!!!



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